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Group Readings

Group Psychic Mediumship Readings

A Group Reading offers messages from family and friends who have passed over, as spirit comes through with very personal, detailed messages and “evidential” information for participants. A reading in a Group is usually about 20-25 minutes.  For lack of time, there is no opportunity in a Group to ask questions.  However, before the group,I suggest that you "ask" your question to "spirit" and see if they will bring the answer through for you, to me in the reading.  Many times they will.  Everyone receives a reading... Space is limited. I offer Groups from Naples to Ft Myers, FL. Visit my “Calendar” page for a complete listing of upcoming events.

Private Groups

Private Group Readings are also available hosted at your home or location for your
friends and family.
My Fee is $ 150/ person
with a 6 person minimum  (or equal value) -10 person max
*Additional Travel fees apply for groups located out of the SW Florida area.

Non-Profit Support Group Readings

I continue to offer readings for Non-profit Organizations at a discount rate based on the groups ability to pay. There may be a waiting list to reserve for these groups.. For more information and availability please contact me directly. *I also offer a discount rate, at regularly scheduled Group Events in the area; for people who have lost a loved one, suddenly or tragically,  who have financial hardship, and are not able to afford my regular fee.  (subject to seating availability)

**Disclaimer: Any information received in a reading, does not/should not replace seeking the counsel of a licensed mental health or legal professional, physician or other professional. Denise accepts no responsibility for any actions/inactions that an individual takes based on information given in a reading. It is stongly suggested, that any pertinent information be discussed with the appropriate professional to evaluate choices/options and asess risks and consequences before taking any action/nonaction. Denise is not a mental health counselor, legal advisor or physician. By purchasing a reading with Denise, you agree to this disclaimer and to release Denise of any and all liability/responsibility.**

**For Booking Information for Seminars/Lectures and Radio/Television Appearances please contact Denise directly.

ALL Readings are by Appointment ONLY. To schedule an Appointment please call the Office 727-242-2994 or Request a Reading on the "Contact" page.
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